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I have like 4 😂😂😂

The besssttttttt aha

Shiit, Mexican blankets are like, an inch and a half thick. Don’t need no fucking comforter or none of the shit white people use on their beds. All you need is a sábana on the mattress, one of these blankets on top to sleep on and another on top of you. Be warmer than the space between a thick woman’s thighs, no lie.

^^ LMAOOO that’s the realest shit that’s ever been written 😂😂😂😂

I am being a little stubborn with this guy. May be cause I know he’s playing hard to get & that’s what interests me. No guy ever plays hard to get anymore. & I don’t think I will stop until I do get a chance with him. Man this boy drives me crazy 😍😘❤️

I don’t want to be anyone’s plan B & then have them expect me to give them a chance in my life. Oh hunnie expect me to only booty call you if I want to & if so I’ll throw you like trash afterwards. Tf who do these guys think they are lately. Dude you think I hardly have guys to talk to boy you have no idea & many I am their number 1.

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